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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Matthew Offord MP and a blog you must read

Sometimes words fail me. All I can say is that if you live in the Parliamentary constituency of Hendon, you really should read this blog -
Draw your own conclusions, I have.


button55 said...

"They both have a poor track record when it comes to the truth"..Ha!,Offord i wonder if you would try to be a big man for once in your life and apologise for the blatant lies you said about me..So before you start accusing people of lying think of your own pathetic track record ...

Albert said...

To complain about rudeness is simply wimpish - "mummy the nasty man was rude to me" instead of returning fire with crushing wit. So Offord or Coleman are rude in return for some silly e-mail: so what? I want them to get this borough and country right first, and not spend their time pandering to silly cry-babies. Come on, show you are a man! Heckle the blighters! Throw some tomatoes! Heave an egg! Stand up for yourself!