Friday, 4 May 2012

Congratulations to Andrew Dismore AM

Congratulations to Andrew Dismore AM. In all the celebrations for Brian Coleman's deletion from the payroll of the GLA, it is easy to forget that Andrew Dismore won the seat. From the moment Andrew was selected, I had no doubt he would win. Unlike previous Labour candidates in the Barnet and Camden seat, Andrew is a hard working candidate who is known for getting the job done. He achieve a 32% swing, which is a tribute to the attention to detail.

Many people have lent Andrew their vote for this election. Lib Dems, Greens and even Tories. For many, just getting rid of Coleman was payback enough. If Andrew wants to keep the seat in four years, he has to now repay that faith. I have no doubt that he will. Unlike Brian Coleman EX AM, Andrew will work for all his constituents. Unlike Coleman, he will not abuse people he disagrees with, will not use his expenses as a free taxi account and will not use his job to source an endless stream of free dinners.

Instead we will have an assembly member who will work hard, represent the people and I believe will make Barnet and Camden a better place.

Congratulations Andrew.


Morris Hickey said...

Yes, well done - and good riddance to stinker.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Congratulations to Mr Dismore. His was a stunning victory, but let’s keep a sense of perspective. The turnout was only 38% which means that 62% of voters wanted “none of the above”. That is a pretty damning indictment of the political system.

Mr Dismore told the Hendon Times: “I want to pay a special thank you to people in Hendon – they didn’t want me last time but now they’ve realised what they’ve lost.” With an arrogant attitude like that, I am sure the voters of Hendon will quickly remember why they got rid of him before.

Coleman has been accused of hubris - and rightly so. The same charge applies to Mr Dismore. People didn’t vote for him because they think he is wonderful. They voted for him simply to get rid of Brian Coleman.

The Conservative Party in Barnet should take this as a wake up call, but politicians of all parties need to understand that we despise them all. It is an affront to democracy that politicians can make rules which affect our lives when only four out of 10 people voted for them.