Tuesday, 1 May 2012

101 reasons to Sack Brian Coleman

John Baldy has collated 101 reasons to sack Brian Coleman. They can be found here :-


Strangely, 101 doesn't even seem to scratch the surface.

I ask all of my Conservative friends to consider this. Just suppose they'd chosen someone else for the GLA election? Say for example a reasonable and sensible Tory such as Sachin Rajput? There would have been no posters littering the High Street demanding his sack for parking charges. There would be no "101 reasons to sack Sachin Rajput". Andrew Dismore wouldn't have been able to capitalise on his opponents unpopularity.  Boris Johnson wouldn't have had to face embarrassing questions about parking every time he visited Barnet.

They would have had a decent candidate, who could have been swept in on the coat tails of Boris Johnson, who is very popular with many local Conservatives. The truth is that selecting Brian Coleman has been a massive own goal for the Conservatives. I suspect that the biggest beneficiaries of Coleman losing will be the local Conservatives, who may then be able to get back to being a sensible local association.


Mrs Angry said...

If Coleman loses, which apparently most Tories are praying for, with hands clasped, they need to take advantage & kick him when he is down, by removing him from his Cabinet post. Until they sort him out, they will never be taken seriously again by the electors of this borough. There you go, local Tories, free advice from Mrs Angry. No need to thank me.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Sachib Rajput - reasonable and sensible? Have you been on the cooking sherry? I think users of social services will take you to task on that one Rog.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Sachin, I meant. Typo.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

I suspect you are right, that many ordinary Conservative voters will be happy to see Brian Coleman loose. But do you really think that his defeat will empower Richard ‘I can’t do anything’ Cornelius to sack him from the Cabinet?

The three Barnet Conservative Associations are effectively under the control of the councillors. Do not expect any change there either. They will all be in denial as to the cause of his defeat.

Ron said...

"Decent" is too a strong word to describe Rajput. you can say what ever you like about Coleman, but he's going against the more stronger part of the community, but Rajput, is the real nasty, he is targeting the elderly, the disabled, the poor - those with little or no voice to defend themselves. he's the real crap.

Rog T said...


I meant decent in terms of his abilities to present himself as a candidate. He was the first Conservative Councillor who has shown ambition that I could think of.

It isn't an endorsement of him.