Saturday, 6 August 2011

Etz Chaim Fee School Mill Hill - Mill Hill Action Group leaflet appears

I was passed this leaflet by a resident of Victoria Road. It is for a public meeting to discuss legal action against Barnet Council, with regard to the decision to grant Etz Chaim school planning permission. I am rather perterbed by certain aspects of this meeting.

a) The meeting is not advertised on the Action Group website
b) There are no proper contact details for the organisers
c) The leaflet does not have a publisher address

It would seem to me that if the campaign has genuine grounds for a legal challenge, then they should be notifying as many people as possible and widely publicising the meeting. I am intrigued by the suggestion of  "an even better amenity for the community at large".

Anyway, I am publishing this leaflet, as I believe that such meetings should be open to all. If serious legal grounds have been identified, surely these should have been discussed with the School & Council? I cannot attend this meeting, due to prior commitments at Wembley Stadium.

For the record, with Barnet Council's recent record for accuracy etc, I would not be surprised if they had cocked up the paperwork.Whilst this clearly should be completed properly, I personally would not support a campaign of attrition against the school. If the campaigners have found a real reason why the centre cannot legally be converted and must be turned back into a swimming pool that is one thing, but if it is merely an attempt to waste the time and spend public money on court cases to delay things for six months whilst the paperwork is corrected, I cannot agree that this is a good way to conduct the campaign. I look forward to hearing the legal arguments from the campaign.


ainelivia said...

the buzz on the street goes as follows, that the site had been sold long before there was any mention of a school; what difference this would make, am not sure, but a definite air of deals were done and the whole thing was being pushed through.... i had not seen the leaflet...

Comedy Genius said...

This should say Etz Chaim Free School - not Fee school??