Monday, 4 July 2011

A personal message to Nick Walkley, ceo of Barnet Council

Dear Mr Walkley,

Following your email, displaying your lack of knowledge of the local music scene, I thought it only fair to educate you in such important matters. As a northerner, you are probably unaware of the punk rock musical connections of Mill Hill and the surrounding enclaves. Chris Bashford, drummer of iconic punk band Chelsea is a Mill Hill resident. The Damned have enjoyed many a happy hour rehearsing at Mill Hill Music Complex over the years. David K of Sisters of Mercy has recorded several albums at Mill Hill Music Complex, being a Barnet Resident. Malcolm MacClaren was an ex pupil of Orange Hill Senior High School (my old school) as was Pat Collier and John Ellis of the Vibrators and Matthew Ashman of the original Adam and the Ants line up as has Boz Boorer who has regularly played with the Ants. Of more recent bands of note, such as Knuckledust have emerged from the Mill Hill Music Complex.

As well as these bands, members of the Ruts, The Exploited, The Radio Stars, to name but a few have regularly rehearsed at the studios. I believe it is most disappointing that a CEO of Barnet is so unaware of the musical pedigree of Mill Hill and the surrounding areas.

Oh and I forgot to mention my own little band, formed in  1979, the False Dots. Please get your facts right in future before making such outrageous claims and statements, a bit more attention to detail would be most welcome.

Many regards

Roger Tichborne

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