Saturday, 30 July 2011

Barnet Council datacentre at risk of being eaten by Rats !!!!!

I kid you not. I have just received a shocking set of emails in response to FOI requests. I really could not have predicted that such a shocking response would emerge. Just read the risks. They've redacted some of the responses. There is no comment from me that would adequately do this justice, so I won't make one, other than to point out that this was a result of outsourcing the service, and they want to outsource the whole lot !

Click on the picture for a more readable format. The bit which especially concerns me is this risk :-

The Data Centre and Comms Rooms are at significant risk as the A\C is not working correctly, the sprinkler system has been turned off due to a water leak and cables are at risk of being eaten into by Rats.

Which seems to have the action plan redacted.

This is what 9 years of Conservative mismanagement has done to Barnet Council. They are currently having a month off. It is truly unebelieveable. What an amazing coincidence that the respose arrived just as the Council went on holiday !!! I do hope Nick Walkley and Councillor Richard Cornelius are enjoying themselves, whatever they are up to and our data centre does not burn down or get eaten by rats until the council come back from there holidays. It seems to me that 6-9 months to fix sprinklers, put down rat poison and mend air conditioning is a bit excessive, but then when I need to do such things in my business, I don't spend £1,500 a day on getting a consultant to tell me what needs doing (The document is entitled IS Action Plan Final (readacted).pdf)

Being a lazy git, I've got the ball rolling with this blog and have now circulated the documents to my fellow Barnet bloggers so they too can be amazed and astounded as well. I will be returning to these documents over the next few days.

I have also circulated this to the Trades Unions as I believe it is truly shocking. If any Barnet Councillors would like a copy (you know, to help you do your job running the Council), please get in touch. I do hate to disturb you as we know that, as Councillor David Longtonguestaff says " I’ll decide what’s urgent in my life" and I'm sure he speaks for many of you. Enjoy your saturday night, I'm off to hang myself

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