Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Watling Boys club - Matthew Offord gets sensible

This blog has been one of Matthew Offord MP's fiercest critics. It is however our policy to give praise where it's due and it is good to see him supporting efforts to reopen the old Watling Boys club. As my son plays for the footballing side of the club Watling FC Under 11's, I fully support the sceheme. Matthew Offords intervention has given the campaign to reopen the building impteus.

I passionately believe that we need more, not less youth clubs. Watling FC nearly folded a few years ago. The Under 16 team last year was highly successful, winning the league. Sadly, there was no under 15,14,13,12,11 or 10. If it hadn't been for the fact that a friend of mine, Andrew Livingstone started an under 8 team for Watling three years ago, the club would have folded. We now have under 8,9 & 11 teams. It's fair to say we've had no help from the council. Maybe Offords intervention signals a recognition that we need youth clubs such as Watling.

It would be nice to be writing things all the time saying what a good job Offord is doing. Maybe the positive coverage will inspire him. We can but hope. Here's a link to the story on the Times

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