Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Roger Tichborne vs Councillor Brian Coleman

One of the worst kept secrets in Barnet is now officially out in the open. I filed a standards complaint against Councillor Brian Coleman in March and the Council Standards sub committee will be discussing it on 10th September at 10am in an open meeting.

Between now and the conclusion of the case, I will not be mentioning Mr Coleman at all on this blog, but as there is widespread interest in the case, you can have a look at the paperwork by following this link.


It will not help either myself or Mr Coleman to indulge in a debate on this site about the case, so please be warned that I will delete any related comments. I applaud the decision of the Council to hold the hearing openly and trust that they will give all parties a fair hearing.

Note : Rather strangely Barnet Council changed the link so it didn't work. Please find new link