Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Mike Freer - an apology

I owe Mike Freer an apology. When he set up the blog, back in October 2008, I jokingly called Mike Freer "Two Blogs" as he then had a blog on the Hendon Times and the Council Tax funded blog. I also critcised him for setting up a taxpayer funded blog, when he could have a completely free blog of his own on Blogspot.

Well is seems that I'm wrong on both counts. It seems that Mike has a secret blog which he didn't tell me about. It seems he has a nice little blog, here on blogspot, which he's used to detail his many achievements, list his victories and detail how hard he's been working behind the scenes.


It also seems that unlike us blogspot newbies, Mike has had the blog since June 2007, when he was selected to be the Tory PPC for Finchley. My favourite post on Mike's blog is "NEXT MP" where Mike details every single reason why he'd be a better MP than the current Labour MP, Rudi Viz or the Labour PPC Alison Moore. I also like the section where he lists all of his achievements since the blog was set up.

I must also confess that I've suggested that Mike is a man of the right. Wrong again Rog T. Yet again I apologise. It seems that like me he's an avid Guardian fan. Not only that, but all of us lefties just can't get enough of Mike, so he's got his very own blog on The Guardian as well ! Mike I'm so jealous, why can't I have a blog on my favourate Lefty rag?

So there you are, there's much more blogging to Mike Freer than a mere two blogs ! How many more blogs, could he possibly have? Mike, I know you are reading this. Please post me a comment to let me know of any other blogs out there which you write. Don't hide your light under a bushell, let it shine !

Please accept my humble apology for calling you two blogs, you are clearly a man of many more blogs !

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