Friday, 20 March 2009

Barnet Eye weekly round up

A few stories caught my eye. The first one was about a 102 year old woman living in North Finchley who was burgled. The type of cowardly scumbag who perpetrates this sort of crime revolt me. Now generally I'm very liberal, but in these cases I'd like to see these scumbags put in the stocks. The police and CPP don't seem to take these sort of incidents seriously (unless someone is killed in the process, sometimes by the home owner). I'd like to see at least the same amount of effort put into solving this as they do into speeding offences and other traffic violations, where the whole country is covered in cameras. Tell me this, if speeding is dangerous, how come the Police think it's OK if they do it?

On a happier note, five of our local young swimmers were were competing at the British Championships in Sheffield, against the likes of Rebecca Adlington. I must confess a vested interest as my daughter was one of them. They all did well and the experience will stand them in good stead for the future.

It seems that Barnet isn't the only place where Porkies & snouts in the trough is a story. It seems that a litter of Porkers are looking for a new home in Potters Bar. When we were growing up, my Dad told me of how he once had a pet pig growing up in Austrailia. He said that they are cleverer than dogs and it was great company. He regaled us with stories of it's tricks. We asked what happened to Percy? He said "That's the best bit, we roasted him for Chistmas". Tears all round. It seems that us Townies don't get country ways.

One last story that really worries me. The proliferation of Cannabis farms in Barnet. I've got very liberal views on drugs, but I am disturbed by the use of systemic pesticides in these factories to control pests. In years to come we'll have a massive price to pay with cancers and other illnesses. When you smoke farmed skunk, you are inhaling dangerously toxic weed killers. This is the only that it is possible to grow these crops so intensively. Please be careful


zwanzig20 said...

Police 'speed' to scenes of crime to try and catch the burglars of people like the 102 year old. They are also trained in their legal exemptions and how to handle a car at speed but to only go as safe as road conditions allow.Further, most speed cameras in the country are not put up by the police but by civilian 'partnerships'. Barnet Borough does not allow speed cameras on their roads as has been well publicised.

Rog T said...


You must drive around a different borough to me, because I know of plenty of speed cameras in Barnet.

The speed limits on many trunk roads are ridiculously low. I'm all for low limits outside schools etc, but 70mph on Motorways is ridiculous. In my experience, most police cars travelling above the limit are enforcing limits on the motorway system.