Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Mike Freer : Lets get the "Current Shape" of the Council right first

It amazes me to read the latest numpty press release from Barnet Council - To quote "Young people in Barnet are being given the opportunity to work towards breaking down barriers of faith and ethnicity with a £25,000 grant scheme run by Barnet Council."

Well I'm speechless. My son plays football for Watling Club Under 9's. Anyone who has ever played a team sport soon realises barriers are broken down and friends are made. The team has boys of all colours and creeds. They all get on, they play as a team. The only problem is that they've missed several games this season because Barnet Council hasn't spent the money on ensuring the pitch at the Watling Leisure Centre is playable. It seems that Mike Freer is perfectly happy to make eye catching press releases like this and "Splash the cash" whilst neglecting the basics.

As you are aware the Barnet Council Tax payer funded the blog for Freer to indulge in communication directly with the people of Barnet. As you will know if you follow this blog, he doesn't allow comments he doesn't like. Well here's one I posted that he won't publish on this very subject. Draw your own conclusions.

Rog T
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Dear Councillor Freer,

If the contracting out of Leisure Centre’s works so well, how come the football pitch at Burnt Oak Leisure has had no maintenance in recent weeks, making it unplayable last sunday. No sand had been put on waterlogged goalmouth areas, therefore it was unfit for purpose.

Do you ever make spot visits unannounced to these sites to talk to the people using the facilities or do you just sit in your office and read management reports.

When was the last time you visited Burnt Oak Leisure Centre on a Sunday morning when Youth teams were playing on the pitches (or not).

Why can't Mike Freer just get the basics right. Mike Freer reminds me of Derek Wanless, former CEO of Nat West Bank. He was always drawing up grand schemes to make Nat West the biggest bank in the world in a few years time. Trouble was that he neglected the present and RBS gobbled them up (and we all know how rubbish RBS are).

My Message to Mike Freer, stop worrying about all this "Future Shape"rubbish. Get the "CURRENT SHAPE" right and GET THINGS RIGHT.

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