Thursday, 30 October 2014

What do UKIP's millionaire backers want?

It is no secret that UKIP is largely funded by a group of multi millionaire backers. The party has a tiny membership borne out by the fact that it could only field 8 candidates in the Barnet Council elections. Like all organisations with little grassroots organisation they are good at fighting by elections where they can Marshall resources from far and wide, but come a general election, they will lack the feet on the ground to do the hard work.

Clearly the millionaires running the show are not mugs and don't waste money. So what are they hoping to achieve? Recent statements by senior UKIP members exposes that they are taking a strong anti NHS stand. Why could this be? Well I always believe that the best way to figure out such an agenda is to follow the money. If the NHS was abolished, then we'd need to pay far less tax. For most of us though, we'd be worse off by a mile as we'd have to take out highly expensive private health insurance. There is however one group who would do very nicely. Those on top rate taxes, such as the UKIP backers. None of them got their millions by being silly with money, so one has to conclude that they see UKIP as worth a punt. If they can scare the Tories enough, then they might just get what they want. The sad truth for the ordinary UKIP voters is these figures can and will pull the plug on UKIP when it suits them. And it will suit them the day the Tories agree to do their bidding. That day will be when the Tories decide that they must get rid of UKIP to win the election.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Look what has happened to NASA's outsourcing programme  I saw this on the news. NASA has outsourced delivery of supplies to the ISS. Seems like Barnet Council isn't the only public sector organisation to have problems with outsourcing. Do you suppose anyone might learn anything fro, this.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Sleepwalking into a traffic jam nightmare

Anyone have any idea how many more cars there will be on the roads of Barnet by 2030? The current plan says we'll have 80,000 more people living here by then so the number is likely to be at least 25,000 using conservative (small c) estimates. How many cars is that, most of which will be travelling in rush hour.

Given that parts of Barnet are already semi gridlocked every day and there are no plans for new major roads, which there is no space for anyway, there can only be one possible outcome. Total chaos.

You may ask what plans Barnet Council and TFL are working on to address the issue? At present none. Worse still is the fact that generally transport schemes take 10-20 years from inception to delivery, so we need to start planning now.

The biggest issue in Barnet is not so much links into town, where we have the Northern Lines two branches as well as the Spurs of the Thameslink network. The issue is East-West links where we have only a rather patchy bus network.  The main road artery is the North Circular, which is full to capacity. Amazingly Barnet council in its wisdom has agreed plans for a new mini city bang smack in the middle of one of the most congested bits, at Brent Cross. There can only be one outcome of this flawed plan. Traffic chaos. The developers talk about transport improvements, but in reality this is simply a new station sort of near to Brent Cross on the Thameslink line, which is already overcrowded. As this runs North to South it will do nothing to relieve the North Circular.

Bizarrely Barnet council are completely dismissive of a rather obvious solution. There are several abandoned and underused railways in the Borough which could be easily and comparatively cheaply be regenerated to provide a light rail solution similar to the Croydon tram link service. Bear in mind that Croyden is now a smaller borough than Barnet in terms of population, yet has an extensive tram network.  The Barnet Eye is not run by experts in such matters but recently attended a meeting with someone who is, who has planned many successful systems around the world. His view is that a light rail solution for Barnet has the potential to open up the Borough and make it a far better place to live and work.

The secret of a successful transport system is 'easy interchange' so you provide reliable and quick routes between where people want to live and where they want to go. Where you have scope to link large areas of population with likely destinations, you can see major reductions in traffic.

Any solution should provide good links between the new estates and the places people are likely to need to get to for work. At present Mill Hill East, site of a huge housing development has a patchy tube service and poor and congested links to Mill Hilll Broadway. There is no station for the huge development at Beafort Park and no links from it to the nearby Brent Cross shopping centre, even though a railway line passes next to both. We also have the royal Air Force museum, a major tourist attraction with no station.

It would be perfectly possible to link all of these with a light rail network joining Finchley Central to Brent Cross, with little new track needed, simply running on abandoned or alongside existing lines. This would also improve access to numerous schools, colleges and business parks along the way.

Of course the Barnet Eye does not have the resources to perform a feasibility study, but we urge the council to use some of its section 106 money to do just that. If we could get a modern and efficient mass transit system in Barnet, maybe the current administration might start to be viewed in a more positive light when the history of Barnet is written. I can't think of anyone who will thank them for the gridlock and chaos we face if the matter is ignored.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Why didnt UKIP call for Margaret Thatcher to be tried for treason?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for letting sleeping dogs lie and I bear no enmity towards Lady Thatcher. I am just sick and tired of the completely illogical why so many UKIP supporters and their fellow travellers completely forget her role in the creation of the EU superstate. It was Thatcher who signed the 'Single European Act' on our behalf. Not only that but she never even bothered to read it. Now I'm no fan of Gordon Brown, who was often derided as a megalomaniac control freak, but could you ever imagine him signing such a significant piece of paper without reading it. I am bemused as to why Brown is hated with as much passion as Thatcher is loved, especially when it is clear it was purely his recalcitrance that prevented Tony Blair signing us up for the single currency.

If a Labour leader had signed away our nationhood in the way Thatcher did, we would never ever hear the end of their treachery. Thatcher described hard working British miners as 'the enemy within' whilst presiding over the demolition of British sovereignty. One local Tory tried to use the excuse that 'no one reads such acts before signing them'. This is not true, Gordon Brown was criticised by the same critic for control freakery for reading everything. I was interested by the subject when I found out what Thatcher had done and so I read the whole thing. Much of it is unintelligible jargon, but it is 100% clear even from a cursory read exactly what she was signing away. Another argument was that she was hoodwinked by the Sir Humphreys. This is tosh, she knew what they were like and new that the only way to deal with them is to do her homework. So why didn't she. There are three possible reasons. A. She was too lazy. B. She was too stupid. C. She realised a federal Europe was good for the UK. So if you are a UKIP leaning thatcher fan, maybe you can tell us which of the excuses you prefer?

Sunday, 26 October 2014

A year of the new Barnet bins - No plans to deal with wanton waste  A press release on the Barnet Council website tells us that it's time to buy your recycling bins a birthday cake. Apparently the scheme has been a stunning success! Read on.....

Published Monday 13 October 2014
It will be one year on 14 October since Barnet Council overhauled its waste and recycling service and figures show that it has already proved to be a massive success.
The new easier to use blue recycling bins have been especially popular amongst Barnet residents, who have recycled approximately 25,000 tonnes the past year. This means an additional 5,000 tonnes of recyclable material has been collected, a 30 per cent increase on the same period under the previous system.
Residents have also taken to the new brown food waste bins over the past year, with the council collecting over 30 times more food waste than it previously did under the old system. So far, over 6,000 tonnes of food waste has been collected compared to just 200 tonnes the previous year.
Chairman of the Environment Committee, Councillor Dean Cohen, said: “Our numbers show that the new system has been an overwhelming success and residents are now recycling more than ever. This is very good news all round, for the council taxpayer and the environment.” 

Whilst it seems the new scheme is 'working well' given the huge costs of dealing with this, wouldn't the Council maybe be wise to spend some money on getting us to be a bit less wasteful. Am I the only person in Barnet who finds it disturbing that we waste 6,000 tonnes of food a year, whilst 1/4 of the worlds population will go to bed hungry tonight.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

The Saturday list #72 - A few things to consider about immigration

I thought I'd make a list of a few things which we should consider before talking b0110x about immigration.

1. The NHS would collapse without immigrants.
2. Buses and tubes couldn't run without immigrant workers.
3. Millions of Britions live as immigrants in other countries
4. There are not enough babies being born in the UK to sustain the economy.
5. The government boasts about economic growth. This is driven by immigration
6. The UK has been involved in wars in Iraq, Libya, the Balkans and Afghanistan recently. This has resulted in immigration to the UK.
7. The building trade would collapse without immigrant labour.
8. The success of London as an international city is based on its open and inclusive immigration policy.
9. The UK music industry is a world leader due to the nations mix of musical influences driven by immigrants.
10. No other City in the world has the range of world cuisine present in London and run by immigrants. This makes London a great place for tourists, business and the locals. Mill Hill would not be the same without its Indian, Chinese, Turkish, Italian and Jewish restaurants. I for one think that the local mixture of people has made our City the best place to live.

PS. I'm writing this from a hotel room in New Delhi. Today I saw the Taj Mahal in Agra. The planet is full of beauty and beautiful people. Not everyone realises this but everyone should

Friday, 24 October 2014

The Friday joke 24/10/2014

How many Barnet Councillors does it take to change a lightbulb.

A: None because they've outsourced it. Sadly all 63 of them seem to think it's a good idea

Thursday, 23 October 2014

"I vote to keep my big allowance" Richard Cornelius decides on his own fate

In Barnet Council we have a seemingly ridiculous state of affairs, or so the Hendon Times would have you believe. According to the paper, the Leader and Deputy Leader of the local Tories are voting to keep their allowances in the forthcoming no confidence vote
One may think it is scandalous that the leader can vote on preserving his job and accompanying allowances of tens of thousands of pounds. With a majority of 1 his own vote could keep him in the job.

Of course that ignores the point that it is politics. It also ignores the point that everyone else who could benefit if Cornelius goes should also abstain. If they did them Labour would have a clear majority. This of course would be ,
Marvellous for Labour but it wouldn't reflect the votes of the people of Barnet who in there wisdom elected a Tory majority. I think the Tories are guilty of scandalous maladministration allowing the council to lose too many qualified staff to function, but in a democracy we have the free will to elect bad administrators.

My belief is that the best way to send the Tories a message is to kick out the local Tory MP's at the next election. I take an interest in Town Hall politics, however most Barnet residents couldn't care less. I would wager that well below 50% even know who the leader of Barnet Council is.  Whilst it is all good fun having no confidence votes in a bloke no one has ever heard of, Labour would be far better off actually campaigning on issues people care about. Andrew Dismore walloped Brian Coleman in the GLA elections because people realised Colemans parking policies were idiotic and personally affected them. That is how a good campaign is run. Sadly all we are getting from Town Hall Labour is smug navel gazing that wont win a single vote.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Barnet Tories planning decimation of Barnets libraries

In 2010 ex Tory councillor Robert Rams embarked on a program of library closures. He lost his seat as a result in the 2014 elections. It seems councillorbReuben Thompstone has learned nothing and is going down the same route. It seems he wants to surpass Rams and shut six libraries including one in Mill Hill on my home patch. The lying local Tory bastards made a big play of not closing libraries in there election propaganda. Thompstone is about to find out what happens to the political careers of dishonest idiots who mislead the public.

As in 2010 the Tories mislead us in there manifesto about library closures. We collected 7,000 signatures then and end the career of Robert Rams. History is about to repeat itself.

I am sickened by the dishonesty of Thompstone and his Torry cronies a d their total duplicity with the electorate. They will pay for this with their seats as will local maps Matthew Offord and Mike Freer

Story on local paper here /

Monday, 20 October 2014

The incredible disappearing press release

So where did it go? We seek it here, we seek it there. After the Barnet Eye drew attention to a press release on Sunday highlighting the Barnet Councils problems with telephony (run for them by Capita PLC) We were shocked to find that the press release had mysteriously disappeared?

You may wonder who controls the Council website, where press releases that could be embarrassing to Capita mysteriously disappear from? It may or may not surprise you to learn that it's run by Capita! Funny that.